As an aspiring videographer, I found these tips interesting and useful for both the professional journalist or just someone who wants to cut together good video.

I can agree with everything that was mentioned in the article and found the tips useful things to think about when editing together video. I felt the most important tip was the fact that if you as an editor do not grab the viewer’s attention in the first 15-20 seconds, you will lose the viewer’s attention. This is something that is important to think about when, as an editor, you are choosing something to open your video with. It is challenging enough to narrow down your media to just a few snippets of footage, but when it comes to picking what to begin with in your piece, you also must make a good decision. This is when the other very good tip in this article comes into play: open with either your best clip or your second best clip. This is something that I found interesting to think about, I always think about saving the best for last, but what good is the best doing you at the end of a segment that nobody watched because they got bored after watching 10 seconds of a boring ‘talking head’.

So here are my tips for the aspiring video journalist when piecing together a segment:

– do NOT start your piece with a ‘talking head’

– use your best footage first

– try giving a ‘sneak peak’ to the end of the story, to draw the attention of the viewer

– choose your sound bits carefully

– make the opening mysterious, make the viewer curious about what he/she is about to see


– quickly define your story, so that the viewer understands what he/she is watching


That’s all for my comments on how to begin a good video.

Happy editing!



About juliannazieno

I am a student at Creighton university, this is my blog for the Intro to JMC class.

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